Complete lighting and interior design - Mediterranium

Author: Zappriani post Complete lighting and interior design - Mediterranium cover image

Complete lighting and interior project, furniture design, realization of renovation process, the composition of commercial areas, arrangement and advertising branding - a complex service from the team of Studio Zappriani and partners, all this happened within three months, in the late summer of 2022.

We had a complex task, clear deadlines and all the trust of the clients, who know very well what we are capable of, because they know the quality of our work and the capabilities of the Zapriani team... Well, our first complete interior project is now a fact, in which the starting point was the lighting, the flavors of the Mediterranean, a living olive tree and a super surprising boutique Bulgarian whiskey brand - a big bouquet of inspirations that led to a beautiful result, you can see for yourself, the pictures tell the story...

Pictures: - Atanas Zgurev