blog attached imageAt the moment we remove the baby cot and have to create a fabulous and simultaneously functional and practical room, where our child can grow with a smile. happens the "miracle." The Design of a childrens room proves to be very big challenge for most parents. On the furniture market is a huge variety and perhaps for that very reason, they are facing these days with many difficulties by choosing the right decisions. Anyone who has kept or raised a child, knows how important it is and how difficult it is to furnish the childrens room. In the next article we will try to give you some guidelines that may help you when it comes to this moment.

blog attached imageOn what colors to steak on- neutral, simple tones of classic pink or blue, or on the bright colored rooms.To trust our taste or to give freedom to your child alone to choose the color palette ?We think that the parents have to reach the balance between their views and wishes of their child. It is important to know that choosing neutral, simple tones like white or cream will give us the chance to decorate and change the interior quite easy, and let's not forget that the small and narrow spaces look better in such tones.

If we decide to trust the traditional pink or blue, we can not go wrong, but where it goes the creativity? On the other hand nothing is able to create a serene atmosphere than the bright, cheerful colors, which subsequently would limit us by the choice of decoration. Here some interior designers advise to use neutral tones for the biggest part of the space, but also to create a bright color angle or wall.The walls can be decorated with different wall decorations such as wallpapers, stickers and even graffiti.When it comes to flooring - choose natural materials.Steak on carpets. If you decided to decorate your childrens room in pastel colors, choose a rug in cheerful, bright colors, but if you bet on bright colors for the walls choose a carpet in pastel tones.

Once we have choosen the colors for the walls of the room, we continue with the hard part - the choice of furniture. In the majority of cases, usually we dont have enough large room for all the things we want to locate in there. We must have bed, wardrobe,and we have to create a place to play and to have a place where simultaniosly to collect and store the countless toys of your child .It is not necessary to have a large room to create comfort for your child.You can steeak on a bed that have built in lockers at the bottom and is next to the wall -so you will save the most of the space you have available. A good idea is also to use corners of the walls for shelves or corner wardrobes and desks or can use angular structures for seating in which to have again built in lockers or storage sites. For the shelves you can use the entire length of the wall -this method will provide play space, and will have a place to order your kid's belongings without to "store" the playgoods on the floor or in another room of your home.

blog attached imageblog attached imageThe next part of this article is related to the selection of play accessories .Independetly whether you decorate a room for a boy or a girl you bet on so-called tippis to play. The market currently offers a variety of such items, but if you want you can safely create your own without having a who knows what engineering knowledge. Your child will surely loved this tippi- though you've ever been child and most likely you give yourself the tents with improvised materials-such as linen and towels under a table, for example.In such tippi your child will receive the necessary solitude and there will be a place where your child can play and dream on carefully arranged from Mom cushions. You can place the tippi in some of your other free corners of the room. Another good idea is placing a large blackboard on one of the walls, so your child can paint calmly, and you dont have to worry about the phenomenon, which every parent at least once faced, namely the so-called ' cave paintings " on the walls.

blog attached imageblog attached imageblog attached imageWhen it comes to decorations- there are no restrictions. Curtains, blinds, clocks, decorative chairs, stools, pillows and everything that comes into your mind. You just have to match the colors. We hope that we have managed to be as comprehensive as possible and useful to all of you who are about to beginn with this adventure called children's room design.