Handmade Ceiling Pendant Model Trois

Handmade Ceiling Pendant Model Trois
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Handmade Ceiling Pendant Model Trois

The Trois is the ideal option for high ceilings. The luminaire is precisely made of high quality materials only. The elements you'll find are oak veneer inside, unique textile braided cable and high quality chocolate brown textiles.

The luminaire can be made with a different number of hanging cones, but not more than 6. In this case, the chandelier shown has three hanging bodies.

The size of the cones can vary according to the client's wishes as well as the length of the textile cables.

The cones shown are:

Diameter 1: 12 cm

Diameter 2: 25 cm

Height: 30 cm

Please note that our lampshades can be made and used as floor lamps, too. Each of our lamp shades can be made with a diffuser. You can choose between plexiglass and fabric one. Both offers you the possibility to control and reduce the ray of light however you like it. With an easy and quick insertion into the lamp shade you can achieve the effect you want and let your room light up in a new and pleasant atmosphere.

Price includes e-suspension suitable for E-27 light bulbs. You can choose the textile wire cable extra between 70 different colors. Length - 100 cm (39 inch), can be made in other length too