Handmade Standing Lamp Tripod Model ''Nature''

Handmade Standing Lamp Tripod Model ''Nature''
Price : €306.26

Item number: amwalnutTri

Wonderful handmade standing lamp Model ''Nature'' with american walnut made with bleached linen and wooden stand in white color. If you'd like we can make the stand any other color. It depends on you and your needs. Our new floor lamp is perfect for various of interiors. No matter if your room is in dark, white or saturated colors. Model American Walnut will lighten up your room and will give it new art accent. In this case the stand is a wooden tripod made with high quality materials only. We can always change stand’s color with the one you need. It all depends on you. This tripod base can be complied with a shade in many colors. You can choose the colors and sizes you want. We specialize in creating handmade lighting fixtures with modern look and carry a wide range of different models, so you are sure to find what fits your tastes. Each product is handmade with care in every detail. Please note that each one of our standing lamps can be made and used as hanging lamp, too. Dimensions as follows: Base: Height: 160 cm Stride: 45 cm Lighting fixture: Width: 50 cm Height: 30 cm

Price includes stand, plug on and shade with diameter up to 50 cm and a fabric covered e-suspension. In case you do not find the desired sizes and colors, please contact us.