Modern Pendant from Hand-Blown Glass. Model MUNA from Famlight. Amber.

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Modern Pendant from Hand Blown Glass. Amber. Copper

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Производител: Famlight
Цвят: Кехлибар
Материал: Стъкло
Цокъл: E27
Материал: Метал


The Muna series of lamps is characterized by perfect hand-blown glass spheres. The different sizes allow you to create countless configurations, creating a unique and inimitable lighting fixture. The unusual end result is achieved by hand-made metal fittings matched to the lamp.

Famlight offers dozens of options for coloring the glass, a different finish of the metal and you can even compose your own model according to the components to achieve a different effect - classic elegant, modern or retro.

The presence of lighting from handmade colored glass in an interior can bring airiness, but also volume with impressive effect and a sense of peacefulness.

The model shown in the picture is with the following dimensions:
Glass Ø: 30 cm
Socket Ø: 10cm
Power: max. 40W, 1* E27
Glass color: Amber
Metal color: Copper

If you want your pendant to be in a different color glass or metal finish, please contact us.