Handmade round ceiling Lampshade red, different sizes

Handmade round ceiling Lampshade red, different sizes
Price : €60.84

Item number: P-red

This handmade drum lamp plafon Red impresses with its simplicity and bright red colour, which gives your room great cozy style. No matter if you are looking for lighting fixture for your living room, dining room, lounge or kid's room. We specialize in creating and producing handmade high-quality lamp shades for various rooms and carry a wide range of goods, so you are sure to find what fits your tastes. Each product is handmade with care in every detail.

Please note that our lampshades can be made and used as floor lamps, too. Each of our lamp shades can be made with a diffuser. You can choose between plexiglass and fabric one. Both offers you the possibility to control and reduce the ray of light however you like it. With an easy and quick insertion into the lamp shade you can achieve the effect you want and let your room light up in a new and pleasant atmosphere.

Width of the Lampshade on the Picture :

Option 1 :

Diameter: 50cm (20 inch)

Height: 20cm (8 inch)

Option 2:

Diameter: 80cm (32 inch)

Height: 20cm (8 inch)