Chalk paint, Autentico, Venice Lime Paint - Summer Sky

catalog number: Venice Lime Paint - Summer Sky
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Chalk paint, Autentico, Venice Lime Paint - Summer Sky

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This high quality lime paint is designed to give a long lasting, unique finish with superior coverage and beautiful depth of color.

Historically, lime paint was widely used on account of its unique properties which we have embraced; Autentico Venice is made of pure slaked lime, natural fillers and does not contain synthetic binding agents. Avery natural and eco-friendly product.
Venice Lime Paint can also be used if your wall is already painted or is made of gyprock or plaster (use our Vintage or Velvet Ranges to provide the perfect mineral base and to hide any imperfections, then paint the way you like it best).

Lime paint is especially good on Terracotta pots. As Terracotta is a ready made mineral base, no other product is required as a base, simply give the pot a wipe with a damp cloth and you are ready to go. Painting pots is also a perfect way to practice with Lime paint.
It is very simple to apply Lime paint by yourself. The unique nature of the Lime paint creates subtle color nuances in a streaky or cloudy effect. To obtain this attractive appearance, you don’t need to use any special techniques. The combination of lime, pigment and water will create the effect in a natural way. There is no need to apply two colors over one another or to use other difficult application techniques. It’s all in the paint!

Once painted, Lime paint can even be polished, either with a soft cloth or by hand.